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Our Price List...Costs for procedures at clinic express clinic is only a small fraction of costs for multiple US treatments. Obtain terrific doctors, fantastic service, reliable procedures and a vacation at a much lower cost! Read all about extremely low prices regarding different treatments. The price for good service and oral procedures doesn't have to be outrageous.



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Important Notices


  • We work with a reliable and mostly reasonable travel agency for your trip arrangement request more info and you will be given upon your request.
  • Directions in Panama are mostly noted by given a famous landmark by the site, since street names are not considered as guides most of the time.
  • Uper is the most reliable and less costly mean of transportation in the city.
  • Panama is a lovely warm host, considered the most safer destination in Latin America, with its US built canal which was recently expanded, diverse low population, and decades of offering international hi standard services,  we are with no doubt, a great tour destination.









Traveling for Affordable Dental Care

One of the big drivers in the development of medical tourism as an industry is dental care. With 120 million people without dental insurance in the U.S., more and more people have turned overseas to obtain access they cannot find at home.  As a result of this trend, Medical Tourism Solutions has chosen to highlight our network of dentists and emphasize these procedures as a core pillar of our company

An upper and lower expander in children or braces in adults can be used to correct this problem. See also; increase the width of the palate without the use of a traditional screw-based expander.

You may rest assured that our staff have the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene.  We have never had infection from any work that we performed. We use pure bottled water, sterile gloves, mask, and sterile instruments, and disposable needles at all times. just like USA & Canada OSHA's regulations,We are proud of the sanitation certificate displayed on the wall in the waiting room.   And we practice pain free dentistry. If you feel discomfort at any time, we will stop and remedy the situation. You will be pleased when you visit our office




Flexi restorations with Hi quality without any metal clasps , Valplast removable




Ortho Emergency

Mandible Pain




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All what you need to know regarding Implants.








Traveling for Affordable Dental Care

One of the big drivers in the development of medical tourism as an industry is dental care. With 120 million people without dental insurance in the U.S., more and more people have turned overseas to obtain access they cannot find at home.  As a result of this trend, Medical Tourism Solutions has chosen to highlight our network of dentists and emphasize these procedures as a core pillar of our company


Decameron Resort in Costa Blanca Panama 

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Our dental work comes with a 3 years guarantee. Our biggest strength lies not in what you see, but in how you are treated

Requirements for accurate treatment plan
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Crown lengthening and Periodontal infections & Gum Graft
One visit veneers how?
Is Botox for me??
Full arch implant or single one?
Frequently asked questions for implants.??
Is Botox for me??
Identify your Oro Facial Pain and TMD, TheCrown lengthening and Periodontal infections




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Choices for temporary restorations and prosthesis while you are waiting your finished implant work
Other choices for replacing missin units
See our All on 4 / 5 / 6 real cases
Are you a candidiate for dental implants and, what you need to know to make your choices



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Veneers and protecting your smile using night guard
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Places in Panama

Royal Decameron Beach Resort, Golf, Spa & Casino

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Costa Blanca / Rio Hato

Santiago de Veraguas

San Blas


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More About Panama:

Panama offers Medical travelers a wide choice of procedures and tourism experience.

Below you will find a comprehensive profile of Dental Tourism affordable prices in Panama.

ACCOMMODATIONS AT Various hotel are few minutes far from our  Dental Center.

As Health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. Panama, is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists."

Even with airfares, the cost of going to Panama, for even simple dental work or big  surgery is far cheaper, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and United Kingdom. Indeed, many patients are pleased at the prospect of combining their cosmetic, dental or other surgery with a trip to the World famous Panama.

Choosing your destination is an important feature of your medical care objective, you should ultimately be pleased with your selection. After all, you’ll be spending anywhere between 2-4 weeks in this country while you enjoy your recuperation process.

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Finding a destination  for enjoy both hot sandy beaches , great tropical islands, and beside that affordable dental treatment is not an easy thing to do ...

There are many alternatives, but, you should definitely choose a destination that specializes in your required procedure. Researching and planning your recuperation period can be an exciting and adventurous process.

We have years of experience arranging overseas dental procedures and understand how things work abroad. In Panama, dental and, medical treatment is not only fast but also costs a fraction of what it costs in USA or Europe. Costs may vary and depend on individual treatments, evaluations and medical history etc.....

What is Orthodontics?

     Orthodontics for Children:

Starts at 300.00 $us for full upper and lower installations.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects irregularities of the teeth, jaws and face.

The orthodontist re-positions teeth and jaws that are not in their correct alignment and position. Orthodontists specialize in not only the cosmetic appearance of your child’s teeth but also in the overall health and long-term functionality.

It is important to address orthodontic dental issues early on. Left untreated orthodontic problems can result in tooth decay and the loss of teeth. Without a healthy tooth and jaw structure, normal speech developments are negatively affected along with additional health issues

If you live in or around Palmdale and Lancaster and considering dental braces for your children, call us today!

     Adult Orthodontics:

Starts at 300.00 $us for full upper and lower installations.

Adults often question if they are candidates for orthodontics and the answer is a definitive yes; it is never too late to address neglected teeth that are in need of orthodontic treatment.

Crooked, misaligned teeth are more difficult to take care of and keep clean. With straight teeth, the results include healthier teeth with reduced chances of gum loss and decay. Also when the jaw is misaligned, teeth do not line up properly and can result in advanced wear of the tooth surfaces eventually leading to possible denture need. Straight teeth reduce or eliminate many additional oral health risks.

One way in which adult orthodontics is different from children’s orthodontics is that unlike children, adult’s bones are not in a state of change. Because of this difference there is slight increase in treatment time for the bones to shift. To counteract the increased treatment time, there are many advancements in orthodontic braces that result in reduced treatment time and are still esthetically pleasing. If you live in or around Palmdale and Lancaster, call to schedule an appointment with us today to find out more about adult orthodontics and if they can improve your oral health.





The  1 Hour OR  less, (in Office) Zoom Advanced Teeth  bleaching, and how it works...

Starts at 225.00 $us


Partial denture?  

Find out whey we will recommend Dura Flex

Starts at 350.00 $us

valplast chapa panama city, panamaRemovable partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases, which are connected by metal framework.

Removable partial dentures attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments.

Precision attachments are generally more esthetic than metal clasps and they are nearly invisible. Crowns on your natural teeth may improve the fit of a removable partial denture and they are usually required with attachments. Dentures with precision attachments generally cost more than those with metal clasps. Consult with your dentist to find out which type is right for you. properly with your denture

Spanish  ..About restorations made out of DuraFlex

About Periodontal Disease

According to the American Dental Association approximately 75% of our over twenty population has periodontal problems. Based on my practice, and speaking to dentists around the country, I believe this figure is closer to 90%. In either case, these statistics have widespread implications for our general population.

Do your gums bleed? Are they red or puffy? Has you dentist ever told you that you need to brush better or see the hygienist more frequently? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then you have some form of periodontal or gum disease.
What exactly is periodontal disease?

As part of the answer, we need to understand how teeth are held in the mouth.. Teeth are not embedded in the jawbones but are totally surrounded by tissue called the periodontal membrane. Each tooth is totally surrounded by this tissue. The tissue acts as a shock absorber for the tooth.

Periodontal membrane is actually a continuation of the gum tissue that covers all the bone and tooth parts in the mouth with the exception of the crown of the tooth (the part we see). The periodontal membrane has thousands of tiny fibers called periodontal ligaments that go from the membrane and attach to the tooth and the bone.
In a normal healthy mouth there is always a slight space between the tooth and the bone called a pocket, which is usually about 1-2mm (about an eight of an inch).

Stages of Gum Disease

If left untreated, gum disease progresses thru different stages, causing more and more destruction, and making each next step more difficult to treat.

The following illustrations, courtesy of OralB company shows the diagrams of gum disease development.

Watch Video ...Periodontal treatment and Deep Cleaning Procedures

see more..






Firm and light pink

Hug the teeth tightly

Don't bleed when brushed

Pocket depth when measured is no more than 2mm





First stage of periodontal disease which involves soft tissue only: bone has not been affected at this point.

Gums bleed when brushed or probed

Inflammation and redness present

Possible bad breath

moderateperiodontitis.jpgMODERATE PERIODONTITIS

Gum line starts to recede and teeth appear to be longer

Sensitivity, Significant bone loss is detected with x-ray 

Teeth may shift and spaces can form between teeth

Redness and bleeding is very apparent

Further inflammation and loss of texture

Mobility of teeth,  Pocket depths 4-6mm


Cosmetic Dental Work

Procedures that not only treat oral problems but also improve the appearance of teeth to obtain picture perfect smiles. Experienced cosmetic dentistry surgeons take care of oral cosmetic needs. Contact us to talk about possible treatments and procedures that could fit your specific case and to discuss the cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures.
We provide treatments and surgery in Panama at a reasonable price.

* Prices depend on the procedures in question, the cost could include fillings, bleaching, veneers, crowns, porcelain crowns and bridges, etc.



Replace one or more missing teeth from your mouth with bridges, and get back the confidence to smile widely with a new set of teeth. Bridge work and implants are done at our lab. Get temporary and permanent bridges or bridge work repaired. We make removable or fixed bridges and along with the creation of the bridges we give you pointers on bridge care. Bridge costs and prices vary depending on the quantity of teeth that need to be replaced.

Starts at 160.00 $us per unit of acrylics.
* The cost depends on the number of units included in the bridge and the quality chosen by the customer.


Get crowns fitted in Panama and placed in your mouth, replacing damaged or lost teeth. Crown procedures can use the natural tooth as a post or insert a post if the tooth is too damaged. Get porcelain crowns, gold or porcelain over metal crowns. Dentist's assistance helps you choose the right crown type. Few appointments will provide temporary crowns, and permanent crowns with a resulting beautiful smile. Crown costs vary depending on the teeth that need to be replaced.

Starts at 150.00 $us fro Acrylic ones.
* The cost varies in proportion to the quality chosen by the customer.


Fix cavities at CLINIC EXPRESS. Get filling procedures overseas at reasonable prices. Filling type materials used include NOTHING but white and finest composite fillings. That would last your forever. Ask about getting temporary or permanent fillings in cavities. Cost varies depending on size of filling and type of filling material. We would replace the old cracked silver filling with no hazard of disturbing the underlying tissues by replacing the super facial layer with white opaque non translucent material, that mask the dark color and then special sealant to maintain it well sealed.

Starts from 40.00 $us.
* Costs vary according to the size of the cavity.


Implants replace damaged or deteriorated teeth. clinic express can offer cosmetic implants at an affordable cost. Read about implant solutions we offer regarding cosmetic, dentures, permanent and temporary implants. Receive implants with quality procedures, surgeons and technicians at reasonable prices. Ask about the dental implant prices.

Starts at 600.00 $us / only for the implant body.
* Dental implant cost depends on the type of dental implant, cost does not include the crown or the fixture on top of the implants.


Surgery procedures in Panama with clinic express oral health clinic at a reasonable price. Get periodontic surgery, implants, and root canal procedures with experienced surgeons trained in the top techniques of oral restoration technology.

Starts at 150.00 $us
* Cost differs in accordance with the type of surgery being carried out.


Starts at 150.00 $us
DenturesGet custom dentures made and fitted in San Jose Panama. Dentures and mouth pieces you can rely on are made by specialists at a reasonable price. Get partial dentures and full implanted dentures to improve your oral health and jaw line. We offer different types of dentures including soft, partial, implants, fixed and more, depending on your needs. Dentists at clinic express will study your case and make comfortable and long lasting dentures.

Same Day , Same appointment delivery
* Dentures cost changes in relation to the type of dentures.

Valplast, Duraflex, Flexible, Vesiclear, Acetal,  types and metal Acrylics are slightly higher in price

Common questions about removable dentures

How long will it take to get used to wearing a denture?  For the first few weeks, your new partial denture may feel awkward or bulky. However, your mouth will eventually become accustomed to wearing it. Inserting and removing the denture will require some practice. Follow all instructions given by your dentist. Your denture should fit into place with relative ease. Never force the partial denture into position by biting down. This could bend or break the clasps.

How long should I wear the denture? Your dentist will give you specific instruction about how long the denture should be worn and when it should be removed. Initially, you may be asked to wear your partial denture all the time. Although this may be temporarily uncomfortable, it is the quickest way to identify those denture parts that may need adjustment. If the denture puts too much pressure on a particular area, that spot will become sore. Your dentist will adjust the denture to fit more comfortably. After making adjustments, your dentist will probably recommend that you take the denture out of your mouth before going to bed and replace it in the morning.

Will it be difficult to eat with a partial denture?  Replacing missing teeth should make eating a more pleasant experience. Start out by eating soft foods that are cut into small pieces. Chew on both sides of the mouth to keep even pressure on the denture. Avoid foods that are extremely sticky or hard. You may want to avoid chewing gum while you adjust to the denture.

Will the denture change how I speak?  It can be difficult to speak clearly when you are missing teeth. Consequently, wearing a partial denture may help. If you find it difficult to pronounce certain words with your new denture, practice reading out loud. Repeat the words that give you trouble. With time, you will become accustomed to speaking

English instructions to maintain your removable prosthesis

..see more..

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneer procedures are meant to cover damaged or stained teeth. clinic express will make veneer inlays at their lab so you can quickly have the treatment you need. Cosmetic and health benefits await with your new cosmetic dentistry veneers at affordable costs. You can get your tooth inlays, crown veneers and porcelain veneers made and placed in San Jose Panama. Porcelain laminates gives a polished, natural appearing result that effectively masks stains.

starts at 350.000 full mouth build up.

* Porcelain veneers cost fluctuates accordingly with the quality and is set per unit., we also have another alternative for veneers which is impacted reinforced resins for venners ....cost only $399 each


Economy Veneers
starts at 150.000 full mouth build up.

Root Canal

Watch Videos..

Root Canal Treatment, and Crown by Panama Clinic of Implant

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Root canal procedures and nerve treatments in Panama. Root canal treatment is needed mostly when the nerve of a tooth is infected and antibiotics are no longer a solution, the nerve needs to be extracted. clinic express offers root canal surgery and other treatments at a reasonable price. This treatment usually takes two to four appointments depending on that tooth that it is taken place, and most of the times no pain is involved, only in those cases that the infection has gotten out of hand.


Starts at 150.00 $us
* Root canal cost depends on the dental piece.


Video..Root Canal Treatment, and Crown by Panama Clinic of Implant

see more..


Teeth Whitening

You and your dentist at clinic express will decide together if you are good candidate for tooth whitening. The dentist will take impressions of upper and lower teeth. These impressions will be used to fabricate custom fitted whitening gel trays for you to place over the teeth. This procedure will take approximately 45 minutes. Zoom tooth whitening system in Panama is offered at a more reasonable price than in the USA. Whitening procedures will improve your self esteem as you find yourself smiling more after the professional tooth whitening procedure.

Starts at 225.00 $us
* Price depends on the type of whitening being carried out.



Bridge, sorts and types.

For anyone needing dental bridge work, it is important to find accurate information about the procedure and dental bridge care. Dental bridges are an appliance a dentist uses to replace one or more missing teeth from the mouth. They are usually cemented into place so that they don't become dislodged or fall out. If you have one or more missing teeth, you can contact your dentist to find out which Panama dental bridge type is the best for you to have your smile back. There are different types of dental bridges: the traditional, the resin bonded bridge and the cantilever bridge. The traditional dental bridge type is a false tooth, known in medical terms as a "pontic tooth" that is held together by two crowns on the adjoining teeth. The crowns are caps that cover the tooth on either side, similar in shape and size to the originals.

Then the three parts: the pontic tooth with a crown on either end are cemented to the teeth surrounding the gap. The resin bonded or "Maryland" bridges consists of false teeth being fused together with metal bands and then cemented to the adjoining teeth on the back. This is most common when the missing teeth are located in the front of the mouth. The Cantilever bridges are used when there is only one tooth at either side of the missing tooth.

More details about Bridge, sorts and types...

Traditional Bridge
Although there are options for removable bridges, permanent bridge work is recommended since it looks and feels better and usually lasts longer than temporary dental bridges.

Many prefer the removable type since they are the cheaper dental bridge work option, but wear and tear on the adjacent teeth and the shorter lifespan of these temporary bridges make the fixed bridge a better choice in the long run. Fixed Panama dental bridges have several advantages: they last longer, can achieve esthetic results since there is no need of clasps or metal bands to show: the crowns placed on the adjacent teeth look natural.

Dental bridges help to balance the bite and increases chewing efficiency by replacing missing teeth, and because they are permanent they cannot be taken out by the patient.

The procedure to get a bridge includes the preparation of adjacent teeth to prepare them to retain the fixed bridge, then a metallic overlay is used to anchor the new tooth to the adjoining ones, and finally a ceramic veneer is placed on the bridge in such a way that the metal is not exposed and all you'll see is your new bright and complete smile. clinic express uses different materials for Panama dental bridges: non precious metals and porcelain, semi precious metal and porcelain, precious metal (white gold) and porcelain, precious metal (yellow gold) and porcelain and precious metal with porcelain facing and metal occlusion. You can also inquire about removable dental bridges, their cost and material usage.

When you need to get dental bridge work or implants, one of the main concerns besides cost is the aesthetic value of dental bridges. Depending on your specific case, you may need a full denture bridge. The full denture bridge is an appliance that replaces all natural teeth with the advantage of maintaining and even recreating the lip and cheek support. With full support of lips and cheeks you'll have the chance to obtain a more youthful appearance in comparison to the sunken in cheeks that accompany the lack of teeth, aging your face. Another advantage is the clarity of speech: you'll be able to speak a lot more clearly with the complete bridge than without it.

Another dental bridge work option you may need to take is what is called an overdenture: a removable bridge completely covering the teeth which is attached to the remaining tooth roots. Partial dentures and immediate dentures come in handy when you need to replace some of the natural teeth in the first case, or when you need to have all your teeth removed and are waiting for the full permanent denture to be made. The immediate denture gives you the possibility of not having to be seen without teeth while your permanent choice is getting built. If you wish to find out the difference between dental bridges versus a dental implant, talk to your odontologist.

Meanwhile you can read on about dental implants, dental bridge repair and browse for a dental bridge picture. For cheap dental bridges and dental bridge repair, clinic express is a good choice to make: visit Panama and get your smile picture ready at the same time for a fraction of the cost.

Panama Dental Crown Procedure

Porcelain Fused to Metal CrownCrowns are a type of cap that cover the existing tooth with a cover that resembles the ideal tooth: if teeth are chipped or broken, this is probably what the dentist will use to cover the damaged portion of the tooth that is exposed in the mouth. Dental crown caps can match the shade, tooth shape, texture and size of the other teeth in your mouth for a seamless appearance.

If you need to repair fractured teeth where not enough tooth structure is left to bond a veneer to it, or when the fractured tooth is in the back of the mouth a porcelain and metal dental crown could be the right choice. If teeth are uneven or have odd shapes, the dentist can improve their shape, seemingly realign or straighten the teeth and match the shade you wish to have on your teeth for a pearly white smile by using a Panama dental crown procedure. If there are gaps between your teeth, a dental crown can be shaped to aesthetically fill in these gaps and it would last at least twice as long as bonding.

If teeth overlap and are crowding one another, with a Panama dental crown you can have a tooth designed to fit in the space without needing orthodontics. The tooth can be lightened to any shade, lasts longer than bonded restorations and offers greatest flexibility in providing tooth form. Bite problems can sometimes also be worked out by using crowns. A tooth designed to fit in the space and to match with the existing teeth can correct the misaligned smile. Or if teeth have worn down from use and aging, crowns can be a great choice to repair a smile to picture perfection.

More details about Bridge work...

If you need Panama dental crown work done, you have the choice to use gold crowns or porcelain crowns or a mixture of both known as a pfm crown (porcelain fused to metal). Crown preparation is simple: first the dental crown type is chosen: you'll decide if you want a gold crown, a porcelain or a combination of both, the tooth is prepared to make room for the crown, then a model of the mouth is made and sent to the lab at clinic express where specialists with over 35 years of experience trained in the US with state of the art technology will build your crown and send it back to the dentist. At that first appointment you'll probably get a temporary crown for the time in between visits.

The next appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown will be slipped into place, and then using crown cement it is affixed into the crown post. Sometimes, the damage to the tooth involves the nerve, in which case you'll probably need treatment as well as a root canal crown. In this case, post core & treatment may be required and a post core will be installed to keep the tooth in the mouth. This should be determined by your dentist. Fractures on teeth may require crowns, and if the damage is large enough, the whole tooth will need to be removed and then you'll possibly need a bridge crown.

if you are concerned about your dental crowns. Pictures can help you understand the process to install the Panama dental crowns, and to dispel doubts about the procedure. Good communication with your dentist is vital at this stage, and you should also consult with your spouse or significant other about material choices for your crowns, since they are the ones who will be looking at your smile for the most part. After a dental crown there should be no discomfort, so if you notice pain or sensitivity when biting down, contact the dentist. Ask any questions you may have about the maintenance of your crowns and the proper care you should give them. With dental crowns placed well on your teeth, you'll have a smile to treasure for time to come. Inquire about post core treatments, we can answer any questions you have concerning your dental crown.

Watch Videos..

Valplast, Duraflex, Vesiclear and US FDA approval.

see more..

More details about Panama Dentures

Partial dentures have been an excellent choice to replace decaying or lost teeth and have been produced for thousands of years. Partial dentures repair strong damaged pieces and restore sick gums due to dental illnesses. Skillfully designed, partial dentures were made as early as 700 BC using ivory and bone.

Nowadays come in an extensive variety: adhesive dentures, removable partial dentures, full dentures and top quality dental implant dentures among others.

At clinic express in Panama, affordable Panama dentures solutions are commonly accessed by all kinds of people with problems with their teeth and gums. Cheap dentures do not have to mean you receive low quality dentures care, quality is part of the priorities of clinic express and any dental, denture services and specialized treatments and procedures are set to meet the high quality standards you deserve in cosmetic dentistry. Loose partial dentures from previous treatments can also be fixed by more reliable implants at more convenient prices than in the U.S. We work with the same level of technology as any well known DDS in North America. At our Panama Dental dentures clinic, partial dentures can be replaced or newly placed and designed with the best materials on the market.

Historical background about teeth repairs and improving your way to communicate.

Cosmetic dentures repair

is very old, in the 1700's the most common materials were ivory or animal bone. Human teeth were also used for immediate dentures repair. These days permanent dentures and partial dentures are made of porcelain, silver, gold or special plastic materials created to last even for a lifetime. There are two affordable dentures types: full and partial Panama dentures, partial refers to center dentures to replace middle teeth or any other damaged piece or full implants to replace all teeth if necessary. Tooth decay and loss is caused by many issues: poor hygiene, lack of calcium, health problems and such so implants of this kind are always a great solution to recover your youthful smile.

At clinic express we make a commitment to provide you with the best treatments and dental services: denture relining, design or even personalized pieces like soft dentures and other services and procedures at fairly inexpensive prices; all in all, the best affordable Panama dentures you can get done by our specialized staff. Keep in mind that overall construction at a dentures clinic can take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the case. Improve your appearance, speech and facial expression with the perfect cosmetic denture for your face.

Your appearance and smiles relate to how people interact with each other and their communication skills and new dentures can improve your ability to communicate and protect other teeth from drifting preventing an early loss. With the proper materials and care, Panama dentures will feel as your own teeth plus make your quality of life even better. With the newest technology, clinic express Panama Dental dentures clinic, experienced doctors can make regular upper dentures look so natural, no one will ever now you had work done.

If you already had dentures repair and would like some dentures relined, contact us and we can help you have your piece as good as new. Come to Panama and take advantage of high quality cosmetic dentistry, gorgeous sceneries and some time off to improve your self image and get rid off some stress at the best prices possible. Looking your best does not have to be expensive and getting reliable and impressive treatments does not have to empty your pocket. Contact us for further information about any cosmetic dental procedure, we will be happy to help you make your life better.


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Take home dental kit for whitening, has 2 trays and 1 - 3 syringe of whitening gel, the price of $99.00 , Regular price was $199.00 the Upper and Lower trays will come with 3 syringes to establish from 1 to 2 weeks of night time bleaching....this is a limited time offer which will be ended soon

Starts at 150.00 $us for full upper and lower

with 3 bleaching syringes.


We offer you a guaranteed job of Whitening in less than 1 hour using the most advanced US system, Zoom Advanced dental whitening system, for a fraction of what you pay in USA 3 sessions for 550$ now you will pay only, 225.00 $ per 3 session plus.. take home kit is usually a free upper bleaching tray to keep at no extra cost.



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