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Pain Management

We placed great emphasis in minimizing the discomfort in dental treatment, to eliminate the discomfort associated with injections, specially compounded topical agents are applied to tissues prior to the injection. Also our dentists are train to deliver the LA injection as slowly and smoothly as possible to minimize pain. For invasive procedures, nerve block are often administered.




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This article and much more.

Learn All you need about Implants


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·         Before treatment begins

·         When you return home

·         What exactly are dental implants?

·         Will it hurt?

·         How long do the implants last?

·         How much does implant therapy cost?

·         How long will I have to go without teeth?

·         Who does the final  work (i.e. crown(s), bridge(s), and denture(s))?

·         How do the implants look in my mouth?

·         How long does the procedure take?

·         Do I receive a report of the investment required before beginning implant therapy.

·         Are there any other pros and cons that should be discussed concerning implant
therapy versus any other types of treatment?

·         Maintenance


Implants require several procedures.

Before treatment begins:

Talk to your dentist if you take any medicines, herbs, or supplements.

You may need to stop taking some medicines up to one week before the procedure,

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Blood-thinning drugs
Anti-platelet drugs
Tell your dentist if you have any heart conditions or joint replacements. Your
dentist may prescribe antibiotics before surgery to prevent infection.

When you return home, take these steps:

You will need to eat soft foods for a few days after the implant is placed. Your
dentist will tell you which foods are safe to eat.

You will need to have regular follow-up visits to monitor your implant, teeth, and
gums to make sure they are healthy.

Avoid habits that can damage your teeth, such as chewing ice, biting your
fingernails, and grinding your teeth.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements. Clinic Express Doctors
places dental implants in the area of the jaw where the restoring dentist needs
roots in order to build a crown, a bridge, or a more secure denture. An implant is
not unlike a foundation underneath a house; invisible to the casual observer but
necessary for proper support of the final product. Made of titanium metal, implants
are completely biocompatible, which means accepted by the body without rejection.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the implant placement procedure varies depending on the number of
implants being placed. The time could be as little as thirty minutes for one
implant or as much as several hours for multiple implants. During that time the
patient receives a local anesthetic, and optionally, intravenous (IV) or oral
conscious sedation for relaxation purposes.

In terms of total time from the placement of the implant(s) until the placement of
the final restoration(s), the time varies depending on several factors.

These factors include whether the implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw, the
quality of the bone in the jaw, etc.

A good basic guideline would be that the implants must settle and bond to the bone for approximately four months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw.

After the bonding of the implant has occurred, then the restoring dentist can begin the procedures necessary to make the final crowns, bridges, or dentures. A reasonable time frame from start to finish would be approximately 6 to 9 months with variability based on the individual case.

Will it hurt?

Patients often tell us that the implant placement procedure is far more comfortable
than they had originally anticipated.

Patients are given a variety of medications to take before the procedure in order
to reduce swelling, pain, or potential infection.

Dental Express doctors, will also prescribe a strong pain medication to take after
the procedure. However, many patients only need to take one or two of the pain
pills, and then they find themselves comfortable within a day or so. Many patients,
even after multiple implant procedures in one day, were able to return to work the
following day.

Print and download this article.

How long will I have to go without teeth?

In most cases, you won’t have any time without teeth. We can often provide
temporary replacement teeth the same day the implants are placed to allow for
proper cosmetic appearance and chewing function.

There are some exceptions to this rule, usually involving full denture cases. Some
of these patients may spend about five days without a denture during the most
critical phase.

Most people can expect to leave the office with temporary replacement teeth the
same day that Clinic Express Doctors places the implants.

How long do the implants last?

Implants have been phenomenally successful in the vast majority of patients. Proper
patient selection and proper technique are a must to ensure a great longevity for
the implants. Once implants are placed, patient must make sure to perform regular
maintenance. The dental office will provide all the information needed to
accomplish this task. Implant success rates of over 96 percent are not uncommon.

The small number of failures that have occurred with today's modern implants are
with patients who fall into high risk groups such as heavy smokers, diabetics,
people with bone diseases, etc. Clinic Express Doctors will run various diagnostic
tests and discuss oral habits before he places the implants if any of these conditions are a potential concern.

Smokers can enjoy successful implants provided that they refrain from smoking during certain parts of the healing phase.

Even implants placed thirty years ago are still in place and servicing the patients who received them.

While no one can guarantee the longevity of any dental procedure, with proper patient selection and proper maintenance procedures after implant therapy, patients can expect an excellent prognosis.

How do the implants look in my mouth?

In the vast majority of the cases, you won’t even notice the implants. We attempt
to place implants under the gumline in an area where they are completely hidden
from view. All that should be visible, most of the time, will be the final prosthetic product such as the crown, bridge, or an overdenture.

How much does implant therapy cost?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to accurately determine the cost of
implant therapy without an individual examination and consultation.

Over forty varieties of implants are available for use in oral rehabilitation, and an unlimited number of situations present in the mouths of the patients requiring

To achieve the best end result, we recommend a meeting with the doctor to
discuss your needs, desires, and expectations. Provided that a magnification
corrected panorex film is available, Clinic Express Doctors can schedule a
complimentary consultation and determine the exact cost of implant therapy for a
patient's particular situation.

You will receive a complete report of the investment required before beginning implant therapy.

Will insurance help cover the cost of implant therapy?

Yes and no. If the need for implant therapy was created by a motor vehicle
accident, certain birth defects, or if a medical problem has been created due to
the inability to chew food (i.e. diverticulitis caused by involuntary diet
restriction due to severely shrunken jaw bones that will not allow conventional
dentures to be worn or worn comfortably enough to chew certain foods), insurance
may cover the costs.

In recent years, the trend has shifted and insurance companies
are beginning to recognize benefits for implants, although each policy is

Insurance companies will often provide an alternative benefit for the implant
situation. For example, when a patient suffers a vertically fractured tooth and
submits a claim for an implant and crown, the insurance company may offer a benefit
for a three unit, fixed bridge. A prosthetic benefit may be paid on the prosthetic
work after an implant has been placed.

This situation has frustrated implant
dentists as well as patients. Insurance companies are likely to deny implant
coverage to patients because these companies generally like to spend the minimum
possible on insurance claims. For these reasons, we believe that insurance
companies often provide reimbursement for acceptable services but not always for
the best, or ideal, service for a particular situation.

Print and download this article.

Who does the final prosthetic work (i.e. crown(s), bridge(s), and denture(s))?

Your general dentist is the quarterback of the implant team.

The general dentist
will decide who will place the implant, which laboratory will make the final
prosthetic products, and who will actually do the prosthetic work. Most commonly,
the restorative general dentist who suggests implant therapy to the patient will
perform the final prosthetic services.

Are there any other pros and cons that should be discussed concerning implant
therapy versus any other types of treatment?

Again, we suggest an individual consultation to determine the best answer to this
question. As a general guideline, implants can allow patients to get rid of
removable appliances such as partial and complete dentures. Implants can also
stabilize very loose dentures. To people who dislike removable appliances, implants
provide the opportunity to make their teeth part of their bodies again.
In situations where a patient is trying to decide between an implant and a fixed
bridge, several pros and cons should be considered. Implants will allow the teeth
on either side of the missing tooth space to be preserved in their current form,
while a bridge closing the same space will involve the grinding down of the teeth
on either side of the space.

If the adjacent teeth on either side of the space need
crowns anyway, removing tooth structure is less of an issue, but it is a concern in
situations where the adjacent teeth are whole, or only have very small fillings.
Grinding down virgin teeth may also create greater sensitivity on the teeth than if
an implant was placed in the area of the missing tooth instead. The maintenance of
an implant versus a bridge is also an important area to discuss.


You maintain an implant and crown by brushing and flossing just like any other tooth in the mouth,
whereas a three tooth, fixed bridge will need to be maintained with special floss
threaders or other instruments to allow for complete plaque removal. When you meet
with Clinic Express Doctors, you can discuss your specific concerns with him.




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